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Flyfishing Hinchinbrook Island

Hinchinbrook Island, Australia’s largest island national park, is the gateway to tropical north fly fishing on Australia's east coast. This area is renowned for its beauty and rugged tropical landscapes, regarded as one of the finest saltwater flyfishing destinations in the country. Covering such a large area, flyfishing opportunities are varied and endless. The stunning mountain peaks are not only visually spectacular they also act as a natural barrier always giving fly anglers somewhere to fish out of the wind. The Island is a maze of huge estuary systems, mudflats and mangrove creeks running the length of some 50 kilometres by 10km wide all of prime fishing waters. 



There are endless stretches of shallow mangrove lined edges, ideal for sight flyfishing for the mighty barramundi. Whilst flyfisihng for barramundi, anglers also have the chance to catch a range of other species such as mangrove jack, threadfin salmon, blue salmon, grunter and many more. 



Moving inside the channel there are large expanses of various sand flats that will give you the opportunity to sight cast to saltwater fly-fishing most sought after species, the Indo pacific permit or snubnose dart. Hinchinbrook Island is regarded as the finest location in the country to target these “Prince of the Flats” which has both species the anak and blocchi. More guided permit flyfishing captures come from these waters more than anywhere else in the country. Each year both international and domestic anglers flock to these waters to try their luck at these prized fish.


Flats Fishing

The crystal clear sand flats will also offer exceptional flyfishing for big spectacular jumping queenfish, hard pulling giant trevally and tailing golden trevally. To the east of the Island, the inshore bluewater gives anglers the chance to pursue the hard running longtail and mac tuna. The Australain Flyfishing Lodge can put together tailor made flyfishing packages to suit every anglers needs. The Lodge uses experienced flyfishing guides that have many years of local knowledge.


The Experience

Your day will start at the Lodge with a nice continental breakfast while watching the sunrise over Hinchinbrook Island, from the open deck balcony. At this time guides will be preparing their skiff boats and tackle for the day ahead. Typically guests will leave the Lodge for fishing at 7am. The guides will look at the weather conditions and tides to determine a plan for the days fishing and which out of the four departure points to travel to, with the closest being only a short drive from the Lodge. With low light conditions in the morning, anglers will usually target barramundi and mangrove jack around the mangroves.


As the sun moves higher the attention is turned to targeting the flats, flyfishing for permit, trevally and queenfish. Guides will very rarely stop for lunch as this is peak sight fishing time, so guests will enjoy a freshly prepared lunch and refreshments on the boat. The fishing day is normally around 10hrs fishing, though if the fish are biting the guides will not be in a rush to get you back to the Lodge at any set time. Back at the Lodge in the afternoon guests can enjoy the nice cool seabreeze while enjoying a beverage, talking about the days fishing with friends or other guests.

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