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The Australian Flyfishing Lodge endorses Simms, Scott, Lamson fly reels and Scientific Angler Fly Lines.

Flats flyfishing outfit for permit, trevally & queenfish

10 weight rod with matching reel and Scientific Angler Sonar Titan Clear tip

Leader : Tapered down to 20 and 16 pound fluorocarbon

Mangrove flats flyfishing outfit for barramundi & mangrove jack

8 weight rod with matching reel and Scientific Angler Mastery Jungle Titan

Leader: 9 foot single length 40 pound fluorocarbon

Subsurface flyfisihng outfit for tarpon, blue salmon, fingermark & grunter

8 weight rod with matching reel and Scientific Angler intermediate line

Leader: 9 foot single length 20 pound fluorocarbon

Must Have Flies for Hinchinbrook Island

Barra Bunny


The barra bunny is the fly of choice to flyfishing for barramundi and jacks in the shallows. One of the key features is the 60 pound double prong fluorocarbon weed guard. This enables the angler to get the fly deep into the snags where these species live without getting caught up. The bunny tail has great movement, not to mention the sparkling synthetic head. Tied on a Gamakatsu SL12S 1/0 hook, it is an unweighted fly. Favourite colour combinations are black/purple and tan.  

eZy Watermark_01-02-2020_06-56-36am.JPG

Gold Bomber

The gold bomber fly is another pattern for your fly box at Hinchinbrook Island for barramundi. Tied on the Gamakatsu SL12S, 2/0 and 4/0 hooks. This fly should also have the 60 pound double prong fluorocarbon weed guard. This is a perfect fly when the water is slightly discolored and on higher tides.

eZy Watermark_28-01-2020_08-51-54am.JPG

Barra Bugger

This is great for shallow water barramundi developed by lodge guides for when they are focused eating prawns. Tied in tan on a Gamakatsu SL12S 1/0 and 60 pound fluro mono weed guard. Tied with a marabou tail and the unquie dubbing  Straggle Elasto Dub from BWC flies, they rubber leg strands give the fly a real life appearance. 

barra bunny.jpg

Jelly Prawn

The jelly prawn fly great on the flats when jacks and barramundi are focused on eating small prawns. Tied on a Gamakatsu SL12S 1/0  and 60 pound fluro mono weed guard.  With a light coating of solrez on the body to creat a clear see through effect,

prawn fly.jpg



If there is one fly that is a must have in any saltwater fly box, it has to be the clouser and this is true for this destination. It is a great fly for chasing tuna, GT, tarpon and queenfish in the creeks. Tied on a 1/0 Gamakatsu SL12S, best materials are synthetic and the fly should be lightly dressed. All white and olive/white are the best colour combinations.

eZy Watermark_28-01-2020_08-49-15am.JPG



The shrimp style fly is a must have here. There are endless patterns on the market to choose from, but the preferred colour combination here is the same to represent a YABBY, a small crustacean that burrows on the sand flats. Many of the species feed on the yabby beds, it is no wonder why it's a fly of choice. Best tied on a 1/0 Gamakastu SL12S hook.

eZy Watermark_28-01-2020_08-55-07am.JPG


Poppers and crease flies are a great addition to your fly box. On the flats queenfish and GT's are definitely willing to eat this style of fly. Getting a bite off the surface in clear shallow water is very rewarding. A white colour that pushes a good amount of water is ample for this destination and tied on a Gamakatsu SL12S 4/0 hook.

eZy Watermark_05-02-2020_04-03-38pm.jpg


The Merkin crab is a very popular pattern worldwide for flats fisihng. Here at Hinchinbrook this pattern works well on a varierty of species, from targeting permit fishing it slow on the bottom or chasing mid water cruises like queenfish. This is a great all round fly. Tan with yellow legs is the preffered colour ,tied with medium dumbbell eyes on a 1/0 Gamakatsu SL12S hook.

eZy Watermark_05-02-2020_05-23-05pm.JPG

Clint's Crabs

Permit are without a doubt the hardest fly target on the planet and having the right fly is imperative. There are plenty of crab patterns and colours to choose from. Here at Hinchinbrook the most realistic looking crab flies, by far, work the best. Lodge owner/guide Clint has put a lot of hours on the tying bench to create his go to pattern "Clint's Crab" for this location and has proven to work at many other destinations. 

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